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April Fool’s joke article? or is it?

In UMass CFACT on April 1, 2011 at 7:07 am

Recent activities that were done by my UMass CFACT (Collegians For A Constructive Tomorrow) have been memorialized in this CFACT Collegians blog post.

CFACT UMass Tree Planting and Litter Clean-Up
[ 0 ] April 1, 2011 | rsorba

CFACT UMass Tree Planting

Anderson "Ed Lopez" and I next to our newly planted trees.

On Saturday March 27, 2011 CFACT Umass took some time to clean up the local foot hills and plant some pine trees.

“The local hills make a great place to hike and hang out. The problem is that a lot of people will leave trash and trample young trees,” said CFACT UMass Chairman Dmitriy Shapiro.

“This was the first tree I have ever planted,” said CFACT member Ed Lopez. When my friends and I hike up here I can check up on my tree now and make sure it’s doing o.k.

Ed Lopez diligently planting his first tree ever!

The trail leading up to the crest of the hill is known for being littered with trash so the CFACT students decided to bring some trash bags up along with them to clean it up.

Fighting litter, political corruption, and homosexuality under the CFACT banner.

The trip lasted about three hours and everyone left feeling a sense of accomplishment. “I feel like a good steward,” said Dmitriy. “I do too!” replied Ed Lopez.