Welcome Brad DeFlumeri Jr., Satirist

In Satire on November 16, 2011 at 1:04 pm

It is with great pleasure that I welcome to this site, the brilliant and biting satire of Mr. Brad S. DeFlumeri Jr. A friend and brilliant writer with a talent for viewing current events through an often hilarious lens.

I will apologize in advance if any reader finds the writing’s of Mr. DeFlumeri inappropriate, offensive, and tasteless — as can often be the case with satire — yet it will be published knowing that many will find it irresistibly intelligent and amusing.

I will also apologize to those who will be dismayed that the official standards of editing — such as AP,Chicago, and any other modern guides to journalistic style — will be largely ignored in this section at our discretion in favor of a looser, and hopefully more exciting, personal style.

Though it will pose as real news, it will most definitely not be. Please do not confuse it with real life events or serious journalism.

Furthermore, some of the content may contain adult language and themes. This content is not for minors.

I hope you will enjoy Mr. DeFlumeri’s writing as much as I do, and as always, feedback is encouraged. The first entry will be coming soon.

~Dmitriy Shapiro

  1. After many years in hiding, the notorious Mr. DeFlumeri emerges with satire! That scoundrel! Where was this satire when he was consumed by lust in sneakily stealing my first wife away from me? Indeed, this vile savage only knew base sexuality while inside my first wife. Satire or not, he really pounded my first wife.

    Mayor Carlo DiMaria
    Everett, MA

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