A New Battlefield

In Uncategorized on April 14, 2011 at 7:29 am

Krauthammer eloquently states how Barack Obama’s speech no longer reflects someone who called for consensus and a new era of politics. Obama has re-staked his claim on liberal ideology that has been surprisingly missing in the past couple of years. Now, Obama is attempting to shore up his base early, knowing that if he continues on his path of moderation there would be too much that his own base could use to cast him as a traitor. I do not know how long this push to the left will last, but I feel that he realizes that if he does not change his rhetoric back to election-like partisanship now, but begins campaigning at the usual time of incumbent presidents, he would be very disadvantaged — since the Republicans have spent his whole presidency winning numerous ideological battles.

But we cannot miss the fact that his move is an act of desperation. Therefore, whether a person against Obama is in favor of Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget or not, cannot disagree that Ryan’s budget has completely reconfigured the budgetary playing field in the Republicans’ favor. The extreme demands of the House budget proposal forced the Democrats to propose a budget that also contains massive cuts. The compromise forces the Democrats into concessions that previously would be unheard of. Although the cuts are not to the same extent, the general trend of both parties shows voters that the need to cut the budget is a generally accepted fact. Because of this, I’m willing to predict that even the most extreme Republican side will be seen as favorable by voters, without knowing what the cuts are going to be.

I am still certain that Barack Obama will win re-election, since the GOP will probably not find an electable opponent as internal ideological rifts become more prominent, I suspect Obama’s second term will be revolutionary in how conservative his actions will be. Not having to worry about re-election, Obama will try to avoid fights with congress and disagreeing with the people so as not to go down in history with a low presidential approval rating.

I believe, Paul Ryan and his House Budget proposal incredibly moved the entire ideological midpoint far to the right.

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